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Brian Starkey, principal of obs, and Lauren Dickson, left, talk with members of the community at the open house.

On January 13th, obs landscape architects and the Town of Zebulon hosted two public open houses in the Town Hall lobby. The Eastern Wake News wrote an article about the events.

Zebulon residents show strong support for greenway system

By Aaron Moody / Eastern Wake News

ZEBULON — While residents didn’t show up in droves at the first chance to offer input on Zebulon’s greenway master plan, consultants in charge of forming the plan said turnout was enough to give them an idea of what the people want.

The nearly unanimous feedback from the couple dozen visitors of two open house sessions at town hall on Jan. 13 was that the public supports connecting prominent locations in town with a system of trails.

The consultants collected about 50 surveys from attendees of the town hall sessions and others who filled them out online and at town facilities at other times. Only one survey showed opposition to a greenway system, citing concerns of potential crime on the trail as the reason.

“We also have the feedback of town staff, the town council and the advisory committee,” said Brian Starkey of OBS Landscape Architects. “We’re getting a lot of feedback from a lot of places. It was very positive in terms of the benefits.

“Those who filled out the survey really understood what the benefits of a greenway system are. People spoke to what destinations they’d like to see greenway connect, and expressed an interest to being connected to Wendell, Knightdale and the Raleigh greenway.”

To read the rest of the story:  Click Here


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