Updated Maps

Based on great feedback from the community open house in April and meetings with the Greenway Advisory Committee and Town staff, we’ve made adjustments to the corridor maps. While the general routes from point to point have not changed much, the corridors in which the routes associate with have changed.

For example … You made it abundantly clear that you want a recreational loop trail that gives you access to nature. We listened and reorganized a couple of the corridors so that Corridor #6 now starts at the Community Park, follows a sewer easement along the railroad corridor and Little Creek and loops back to the park via an electrical transmission line easement. This corridor provides access to different types of “nature,” from the open meadow to the wooded creek.

Corridor 6 probably saw the biggest change. Some corridors saw moderate change while others saw zero change. For example, Corridor #3 now includes bicycle and pedestrian improvements that we feel are essential to the success of the corridor, while Corridor #10 remained the same.

We also took a closer look at downtown and started to make some distinctions about bicycle and pedestrian improvements. Not every street needs bike lanes and 8′ sidewalks. Our downtown map organizes the streets into a hierarchy, with different improvements for each tier.

The updated maps are posted below. Please feel free to leave a comment on the web site or send us an email at cray@townofzebulon.org. We would love to hear your continued feedback.

Click on the links to see the full-size maps.
Downtown Map
Corridor 1
Corridor 2
Corridor 3
Corridor 4
Corridor 5
Corridor 6
Corridor 7
Corridor 8
Corridor 9
Corridor 10


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