Greenway field trip covered in the N&O

Greenway tour gives Zebulon leaders a taste of what’s to come


From left, Zebulon Finance Director Bobby Fitts, Wake Forest planning staff members Terry Savary and Candace Davis, Zebulon Public Works Director Chris Ray, Lauren Dickson of OBS Landscape Architects and Zebulon Planning Director Mark Hetrick tour the Sanford Creek greenway corridor in Wake Forest, N.C. Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015. Aaron Moody

BY AARON MOODY / Eastern Wake News

ZEBULON – With the adoption of a greenway master plan behind them, leaders from this town loaded up on a bus Thursday for a field trip to get a glimpse at what they can expect as Zebulon’s future trail system unfolds.

It was an opportunity for the town staff and board members to immerse themselves in the amenities they have talked about a lot lately.

“It made a real difference to go out there and see how they’re using the land, that is really almost unusable for anything else,” said Commissioner Beverly Clark. “It gives you an idea of how to plan and where to start. I almost wish I’d seen it before. I like the idea (of greenways) and think it’s wonderful, but that tour really gave me a whole new perspective of it.”

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