Greenway Master Plan Adopted October 5

On October 5, 2015, obs and the town’s Public Works department presented the final draft of the Greenway Master Plan to the town’s Board of Commissioners. The Board voted to adopt the Master Plan without modification.

What does this mean?

With the official adoption of the Greenway Master Plan, the Town now can seek out funding from grant sources, introduce greenway easement allocation and construction requirements as part of the subdivision development requirements, and begin the planning efforts for priority projects, including the allocation of funds in future budgets. With a master plan in place, the Town can market new recreational opportunities when courting new development and promoting Zebulon.

What this does not mean

The lines drawn on the map are just that … lines seen from a high perspective. The master plan serves as a guide for future development. As the planning process for each project progresses, the lines will change as more detail comes into focus. Some lines will move, others might be eliminated and new ones could be added.

The adoption of the Master Plan does not signal the start of a construction spree of greenway trails. The first two trails are expected to be completed within the next 3-5 years. Some trails could be 10, 15, 20 years off. And not every corridor will be built in its entirety at one time. A project might consist of a portion of one corridor and a portion of an adjacent corridor.

As each project is developed, public input will continue to be part of the process. Your opportunities to participate in the process will be designed on a project-by-project basis and each project might incorporate different methods of participation. The Town will work with the selected designers to develop the appropriate process.

Download the Master Plan

The final Greenway Master Plan is available for download in PDF form. The book has been broken up into chapters for easier and customized downloading. Click each link below to begin the download for that chapter.

00 – Cover
00A – Letter, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents
01 – Executive Summary
02 – Introduction
03 – Planning Process
04 – Inventory & Analysis
05 – System Components
06 – Trail System
07 – Implementation Strategy
08 – Funding Sources
09 – Design Guidelines
10 – Maintenance & Management


The design team and the Town greatly appreciates your involvement in this process. We are excited to the present this guide and begin the process of bringing new recreational and transportation opportunities to the Town of Zebulon. Please feel free to email Chris Ray, Public Works Director, with any questions or comments:


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