Zebulon’s First Greenway is Built

Zebulon is proud to announce the Town’s first greenway has been completed. It is located in the Weaver’s Pond neighborhood. The greenway is a 10′ wide asphalt trail which runs from Pippin Road to Golden Plum Lane behind the homes on Cattail Pond Drive, Whispernut Lane, Vineyard Ridge Drive, and Sage Tree Drive.


The trail surface is suitable for walking, running, biking, and skating. Only non-motorized vehicles are permitted on the greenway.

Weaver’s Pond Development Company installed the greenway during completion of this phase in the neighborhood. The Zebulon Board of Commissioners accepted the greenway on June 13, 2017. The Town of Zebulon Public Works Department will be maintaining the 20′ easement area around the greenway as part of their mowing program.




2 thoughts on “Zebulon’s First Greenway is Built

    • It is 1/4 mile or .28 miles in length. This short section of greenway trail will ultimately link to the Beaverdam Creek Greenway Trail(Phase 1) currently being designed by Kimley Horn, which is approximately 1.25 miles. The Beaverdam Creek greenway trail design is scheduled to be completed in Summer 2018.


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