Greenway Funding Update

Funding a capital project, such as a community greenway, is sometimes like assembling a puzzle: the vision comes to life once all the pieces are in place. We’d like to thank the NC Parks and Recreation Trust Fund for awarding the Town of Zebulon a grant of $90,230 to build Phase I of the Beaverdam Creek Greenway. This money is helpful not only for directly covering construction costs, but also in leveraging matching funds from other organizations. Zebulon Public Works is currently applying for $866,265 from the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO). If awarded, this will be the final puzzle piece in the financial picture, and it will allow us to begin constructing Beaverdam Creek Greenway Phase I. The application has been submitted, and we hope to hear good news this winter.


Beaverdam Creek Greenway – Phase I

2018-04-16_Beaverdam Creek Greenway-90% Rendering

This past year, we have been very busy working on the Beaverdam Creek Greenway – Phase I trail.  As of June,  design of the trail is complete.  The designers, Kimley-Horn, and the Town have secured the necessary permits from various state agencies.  As part of the FY2019 budget, the Zebulon Board of Commissioners appropriated $618,352 for greenway construction.  In May, the Public Works and Parks and Recreation departments applied for a $500,000 grant from NC Parks and Recreation Trust Fund for construction of Phase I.  We will be notified on August 25th if we were successful.  With the grant, construction of the greenway could begin by early 2019.  Stay tuned as we keep working on building the first phase of Zebulon’s greenway system.


Zebulon’s First Greenway is Built

Zebulon is proud to announce the Town’s first greenway has been completed. It is located in the Weaver’s Pond neighborhood. The greenway is a 10′ wide asphalt trail which runs from Pippin Road to Golden Plum Lane behind the homes on Cattail Pond Drive, Whispernut Lane, Vineyard Ridge Drive, and Sage Tree Drive.


The trail surface is suitable for walking, running, biking, and skating. Only non-motorized vehicles are permitted on the greenway.

Weaver’s Pond Development Company installed the greenway during completion of this phase in the neighborhood. The Zebulon Board of Commissioners accepted the greenway on June 13, 2017. The Town of Zebulon Public Works Department will be maintaining the 20′ easement area around the greenway as part of their mowing program.



Design and Survey Update

On April 3, 2017, the Zebulon Board of Commissioners awarded the engineering contract for design of Phase I to Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. As we move through this process, there will be opportunities for public input at public meetings and individual meetings with Homeowners Associations. If you would like to receive public notices and updates during the design phase, please send your email address to

A great big thank you to all of the survey participants! We had over 270 survey respondents with 93.7% in favor of building a greenway trail network. Over 94% of the responses were in favor of the town pursuing a grant to build Phase I of the Beaverdam Creek Greenway. We submitted an application to NC Parks and Recreation Trust Fund for $500,000 in grant funds on April 28, 2017. We should receive notification of our request in early Fall 2017.


Visit us at the Greenway Booth!

Town of Zebulon will host a Greenway Booth on opening day of the Farm Fresh Market, April 22, 2017 from 9 AM to 1 PM. The Town is applying for a NC Parks and Recreation Trust Fund Grant to build the first greenway in Zebulon – Beaverdam Creek Greenway Phase I. This greenway comprises a 1.25 mile section connecting Taryn Meadows, Taryn Lake, and Weaver’s Pond neighborhoods. Residents will be able to walk to the Wakelon Elementary School Park, enjoy nature and wildlife along the trail, and pursue a healthy lifestyle. Join us at the booth for an opportunity to speak with Kimley-Horn and Town staff about the design and grant application and to view maps of the project for the greenway. We need your input! Farm Fresh Market is located at Zebulon Municipal Complex, 1003 North Arendell Avenue, Zebulon.

“Walkable Community” Support in FY2017 Budget

The Zebulon Board of Commissioners passed the FY2017 town budget on June 15, 2016.  Included in the new budget is a one-half cent tax increase dedicated to making Zebulon a more walkable community.    The Commissioners appropriated $32,000 as Zebulon’s match for a Wake County Community Development Block Grant to complete the sidewalk on Shepard School Road from Zebulon Middle School to the Hwy 64 overpass bridge.  They appropriated $124,000 toward the design and construction of Zebulon’s first trail project.  In addition, Town staff has applied for an Open Spaces grant from Wake County and hopes to hear a decision by the end of July.  We will also be seeking other revenue sources and grant opportunities in the coming months.  If you have information on a grant program and want to share it with us, please call Zebulon Public Works at 919-269-5285.

Greenway field trip covered in the N&O

Greenway tour gives Zebulon leaders a taste of what’s to come


From left, Zebulon Finance Director Bobby Fitts, Wake Forest planning staff members Terry Savary and Candace Davis, Zebulon Public Works Director Chris Ray, Lauren Dickson of OBS Landscape Architects and Zebulon Planning Director Mark Hetrick tour the Sanford Creek greenway corridor in Wake Forest, N.C. Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015. Aaron Moody

BY AARON MOODY / Eastern Wake News

ZEBULON – With the adoption of a greenway master plan behind them, leaders from this town loaded up on a bus Thursday for a field trip to get a glimpse at what they can expect as Zebulon’s future trail system unfolds.

It was an opportunity for the town staff and board members to immerse themselves in the amenities they have talked about a lot lately.

“It made a real difference to go out there and see how they’re using the land, that is really almost unusable for anything else,” said Commissioner Beverly Clark. “It gives you an idea of how to plan and where to start. I almost wish I’d seen it before. I like the idea (of greenways) and think it’s wonderful, but that tour really gave me a whole new perspective of it.”

Read the full story HERE.

Greenway Master Plan Adopted October 5

On October 5, 2015, obs and the town’s Public Works department presented the final draft of the Greenway Master Plan to the town’s Board of Commissioners. The Board voted to adopt the Master Plan without modification.

What does this mean?

With the official adoption of the Greenway Master Plan, the Town now can seek out funding from grant sources, introduce greenway easement allocation and construction requirements as part of the subdivision development requirements, and begin the planning efforts for priority projects, including the allocation of funds in future budgets. With a master plan in place, the Town can market new recreational opportunities when courting new development and promoting Zebulon.

What this does not mean

The lines drawn on the map are just that … lines seen from a high perspective. The master plan serves as a guide for future development. As the planning process for each project progresses, the lines will change as more detail comes into focus. Some lines will move, others might be eliminated and new ones could be added.

The adoption of the Master Plan does not signal the start of a construction spree of greenway trails. The first two trails are expected to be completed within the next 3-5 years. Some trails could be 10, 15, 20 years off. And not every corridor will be built in its entirety at one time. A project might consist of a portion of one corridor and a portion of an adjacent corridor.

As each project is developed, public input will continue to be part of the process. Your opportunities to participate in the process will be designed on a project-by-project basis and each project might incorporate different methods of participation. The Town will work with the selected designers to develop the appropriate process.

Download the Master Plan

The final Greenway Master Plan is available for download in PDF form. The book has been broken up into chapters for easier and customized downloading. Click each link below to begin the download for that chapter.

00 – Cover
00A – Letter, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents
01 – Executive Summary
02 – Introduction
03 – Planning Process
04 – Inventory & Analysis
05 – System Components
06 – Trail System
07 – Implementation Strategy
08 – Funding Sources
09 – Design Guidelines
10 – Maintenance & Management


The design team and the Town greatly appreciates your involvement in this process. We are excited to the present this guide and begin the process of bringing new recreational and transportation opportunities to the Town of Zebulon. Please feel free to email Chris Ray, Public Works Director, with any questions or comments:

The Eastern Wake News continues to cover progress on the Greenway Master Plan

Zebulon’s first greenways likely to come on north side of town

By Aaron Moody / Eastern Wake News
If town leaders follow recommendations of consultants overseeing Zebulon’s Greenway Master Plan, greenways are likely to pop up first in two locations on the north side of town.

The consultants presented a draft of the plan to the town board at a meeting July 22 and expect to have a finished product by the Sept. 7 board of commissioners meeting.

Of the 10 corridors in the proposed trail system, two stood out based on several factors, including access to nature, the possibility of immediate use, construction and easement costs and the potential for public/private partnerships.

To read the full article, please click HERE.